The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

The Beginning

A very warm welcome to my fund raising site.

Hi! My name is Frankie and I am on a mission to visit ‘cuti-cuti’ Malaysia by TRISHAW also known as ‘BECA’ and at the same time, raise funds for some charitable organisations..

I am doing this out of my sincerity to make a difference (I hope) and at the same time to promote Melaka and Penang as the world heritage cities.

I shall bear my own expenses throughout the journey, including my energy and time plus never ending physical and psychological endurance tests.

I AM NOT doing this to make profit nor create history or break any record but simply in a truly charity cause. 100% OF YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS GO DIRECTLY TO THE SUPPORTED CHARITY ORGANISATIONS. Kindly donate generously because every sen we raise really makes a lot of difference. Dig Deep!!!

Please help me to spread this charity cause to your family members, brothers and sisters, friends, neighbours, colleagues at work and your on-line contacts etc.

Also, I am going to compile as many photographs as I can throughout the journey by taking photographs of Malaysians and creating a photograph album of ‘United Faces of Malaysia’.

At the end of the journey I will publish my work on the website.

Do visit from time to time, this is not just for me and about me but for all of you, who have donated and supported this cause. It would be interesting to follow my progress, see how far (little) of the journey I have covered and the things and experience I encounter on a daily basis!!!

Sincerely, I hope my cause will provide some help to this charitable organisations and if it’s successful on this round, I shall be back with even more, which would enable me to reach out even further to those in-need. Together you and I, …. we can do it.     

Again, my entire team and I would like to thank you for your kind and generous support.


A Truly Charitable Cause Event by the trishaw man.

From one UNESCO world heritage city to another: MALACCA - PENANG.

600++ KM (at least) on the old trunk road.

Paying tribute to a great man the late Tan Sri Rafie Mahat (1946-2007), our school headmaster from 1985 to 1990 (Malacca High School).

Also, dedicated to ALL teachers, nurses all over the world and those involved in any charity organisations (directly or in-directly).


All the above organisations are registered society with tax exemption status under Registrar of Societies, with the exception of WINGS, Melaka.


For Cash/Cheque donations, a tax-exempt receipt will be issued by the respective charity organisations. Kindly contact them or/and email us at and we will follow-up for you.

We will respect the decision of any donor who wish to remain anonymous.

The grand total of the sum collected will only be updated into our official website on a daily basis as soon as we were informed by the respective organisations.


REMINDER: For the safety of our riders: We DO NOT accept any donations along our journey except ONLY of the above method.


Well, as I mentioned earlier, it’s part of a visit ‘Cuti-Cuti’ Malaysia for me so I won’t be in a rush and I may stay longer at one place according to my whim and fancy especially when  there‘s something interesting going on while I am there.


Finally, as to the question of when I could complete the journey? As long as it takes.

Specially Thanks

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