The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Trishaw man to raise funds for 4 charities

MELAKA RAYA - Old boy of Melaka High School, Frankie Tan now in his career break is determined to make it to Penang on a Melaka trishaw for a good cause.

Tan shared with members of press near here yesterday that he bought the trishaw from a friend and wanted to take his grandmother for a ride around Melaka World Heritage City.

Unfortunately his grandmother passed away last January but he decided to optimize his trishaw to raise funds for the four charities namely; two Melaka-based and two national charities.

“I hope to funds for Melaka Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA Melaka), Wings Melaka, Women Aid Organization (WAO) and National Blind Association of Malaysia and I am bearing all the operating expense from Melaka to Penang,” he said a meeting with the press yesterday.

As for my training I have jogging regularly across Bukit China and going shorter trishaw rides,’ he added.

I have been doing charity and now during career having spent over one decade in Gibraltar and London, I have decided to do a bigger charity,” he added.

Tan also like visit aborigines or orang asli settlements along his arduous journey and would like to take photographs or faces of united Malaysians.

Tan is currently looking for people to share the arduous journey to and for to Penang from Melaka. Those interested can call him on 012 6613813.

 (News published in Melaka Hari Ini on 04 March 2009.)

Carry on

Earlier i thought this is a crazy and a dangerous attempt to cycle a trishaw for such a long distance. But anyway carry on as it will satisfied your wish,will and willingness. Human like you are perishing in the world as you have the heart of caring and giving. People say that life are short, but i think life will be shorter if you don't do the good thing that you like to do. Support will always be at your side. Be Ku

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