The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!


Dear Families and Friends,
The Autism Association of Central Melaka has presented us with a token of appreciation for our contribution in helping the children and families affected by autism. 
Once again, I would like to dedicate this recognition to ALL OF YOU for helping me to make many things possible and for all your kind support and unconditional LOVE for a truly charitable cause and beyond.

WALK FOR AUTISM 2010 has managed not only to attract the support of about 1,000 participants [both young and old included 3 on the wheelchairs (my dad one of them)] but also help to create awareness on autism that it is treatable and recognizing the symptoms early is crucial.

The many happy faces of all walks of life and the magic moments created for all the special children and their excitement and enthusiasm in joining in the walk touched many hearts including mine. Bravo and well done kids!

The city mayor was so impressed and touched by the whole event that he has made Walk For Autism as part of a yearly event. 

For all of you out there who have supported this event in a way or another,... thank you and good on you mate!

Take Care and God Bless!

Also, please check out the MASTERPIECE VIDEO produced by Mr Sia from WIFI IT SOLUTIONS


Thump up

Thump up' for all the committee members especially Kek Kuan and those who have contributed to the success of the activities. Your hardwork will definitely bring many hopes to the families who are desperately looking for help.

GOD bless!!!

It is very meaningful. I am

It is very meaningful. I am very touch by everyone who involved in the walk. You all are so supportive and full of compassion. May everyone be well and happy.
leyhua with love.


Dear Uncle Frankie,

Thank you very much!

Your kind action helps to bring back my brother and my mother to me! Now i have a cheeky brother and a happy mummy.

Thank you very much!

Tks a lot, Frankie

Thanks, Frankie for being such a good and supportive neighbour to my beloved sister and her family. I represent my family to send our sincere appreciation to you and your family. May Buddha bless all of you.

walk for autism 2010

thank you keh Khaun for organizing such a wonderful event, and
thank you To you your husband and Frankie for taking such good care of me,
it is my honor to help all of you, my son is such a cheeky bo these days and
i have to learn I can't make him do what I want all the time, I have to let
him talk about what he wants to
he loves it
he can't wait to ride in the trisshaw
donna and Sebbie

A Tribute to 4 Selfless Mums

The 4 selfless mums from different back ground, race, religion who show their love ,care, dedication and commitment not only to their own autistic child but also many many ....... other children.

Happy Mother's Day to our dear Kek Kuan, Marissa, Rafidah and Donna.

We believe : Autism is Treatable! Early Intervention is Crucial! Yes! Together we can make a huge difference.

We love you all.

thank you very much

Dear mr Frankie and Mr Sia

TQVM for everything you do for the Persatuan...great work and much appreciations. Our society will be filled with lots of love with people like you....

Tuan Yee

Special dedication to our

Special dedication to our ambassador of love- Mr Frankie & Mr Sia

I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the good work that you have contribute to the Persatuan Autisma Melaka Tengah.

Thank you for everything that you have contribute to the society.

Best regards
Mei Kuan & family

Dear Mr. Sia & Mr Frankie, I

Dear Mr. Sia & Mr Frankie,
I would like to convey my appreciation and thank you on behalf of the Persatuan Autisma Melaka Tengah for such a great effort that both of you have put it. We were very impress and touch. Thank you very much for your priceless effort

Best wishes from

Thank you very much

Dear Mr. Franikie & Mr Sia,
Thank you very much for your great effort in putting it all together and my family & I myself were very touch by the video clip. It really make a difference

Thank you for your kind taught and support

Warmest regards
Madam Mok & family

Congratulations! Mdm

Congratulations for all the efforts you have contributed in order to lift the awareness of Autism. You won my admiration!

Great! Great! Great!

Dear All,

I am so touched by all of you. God bless you all.


Dear Mr. Frankie Tan & Family, Mr. Sia Mt, Team Players and Supporters,

On behalf of all the children and families of The Autism Association of Central Melaka, I would like to thank all of you for the precious, generous and wonderful gifts - Gift of Hope, Gift of Love, Gift of Kindness and Gift of Caring Spirit.

Here's a Malay poem dedicated to all of you.

Gunung Daik bercabang tiga,
Pulau Pandan jauh ke tengah;
Jasa dan budi tuan tak terkira,
Hancur badan dikandung tanah.

May God bless all of you. Thank You Very Much!

Specially Thanks

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