The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Recruitment & Sponsorship

My initial plan was to find a permanent partner riding the trishaw with me, so we could take turn and have an uninterrupted continuous journey when one takes a break. However, after scouting for quite a while I find it almost impossible to find one.  However, still not  giving up hope yet, I want to do it.
Well, with supporting part-time riding partners and friends who could help me out along the journey, for even a day or two, I am determine to press on . I understand that time is precious and everyone has their own live to lead but with some help that I could get for certain journey, is still better than none at all.
Presently, I have recruited a few friends but still in need of help and support. If you think you would like to join me (and have fun and to try out your personal endurance test at the same time) and most importantly be part of this charity cause, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I have a group of good friends though unable to join and participate in the ride due to their other important commitments but are kind and willing to help out as supporting / volunteer crew. 
Finally! Hey do not worry if you can’t lend a hand at all with physical help but your financial help is just as important to me as well to make this a successful and meaningful cause.

By the way, I shall bear 100% of operating expenses including food and accommodation throughout my journey. We shall be looking for sponsors for my ride from Melaka to Penang. The proceeds of the sponsorship in cash and kinds will go entirely to the supported charitable organizations in Malaysia.

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