The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Hi! My name is Frankie and I am on a mission to visit ‘cuti-cuti’ Malaysia by TRISHAW also known as ‘BECA’ and at the same time, raise funds for 4 charitable organisations, namely NCBM, WAO, WINGS and Malacca SPCA.

100% OF YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS GO DIRECTLY TO THE SUPPORTED CHARITY ORGANISATIONS. Kindly donate generously because every cent we raise really makes a lot of difference. Dig Deep!!!

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The Trishawman - The Movie is out!

If you want to know what had happened along the journey from Malacca to Penang (800 km), by The Trishawman, check on this movie and you'll get the very touching scenario.

Cheers for the Mission Possible!

RM 170,927.70 the final total GIFT of LOVE!


The trishawman charity event officially closed today and here, I would like to express my gratitude and a million thank you to ALL OF YOU who have kindly and generously donated to these charity organisations. Your contribution played a very important role and has helped the success of the event.



My Dearest Friends

Firstly, many thanks to ALL for helping making our dream possible and come true. Again, thank you so much for believing in us and supporting our efforts to help and assist the less fortunate and people in-need (whenever we could) time and again. Here, I must stress AGAIN that without YOU, we are NOTHING.


Happy 4th Anniversary to My Dear Family (team players, supporters and well-wishers)

4 years has passed and it seems like a long time ago.  It has been a long road but the road ahead is still very far away. I am so happy to say that the bond between ALL of us in thetrishawman Family has grown and is getting even closer and stronger with time.  We are always there for each other and even though we are just a small family, we can still do wonders and make things happen.

We respect each other and we cherish our friendship, with that simple reason ... we keep moving forward. 

CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME, my dear friends.

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 3rd birthday

How time really flies! It is as though we came back from our trishaw ride to Penang only yesterday. He! He! Here I sincerely would like to take these great opportunity to wish everyone in thetrishawman FAMILY (team players, supporters and well-wishers too) the very best of luck, good health and happiness and full with LOVE, as always.

We are still growing strong, from strength to strength and so glad that we are ALL being blessed by GOD (whatever religion) for all our charity, social works and commitments. GOD BLESS!


Dear ALL

We Are Back!

Apologised the feed updates on our webpage for the year 2011 have gone missing during the process of shifting our website to a new hosting server. However, thanks to Facebook, you would have followed our activities and latest update through our new FB homepage: the Trishawman Team @!/pages/The-Trishawman-Team/150331294996957

We are planning to re-design our website next ...... cheers :)!

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