The Mission Accomplished @ day 21!

Thanksgiving & Graduation Party of WINGS Melaka

Hi! WINGS Melaka was celebrating their Thanksgiving and Graduation Party yesterday and the Trishawman Team was invited, too. We (Vincent, Kent, Mano, Ho Meng, Ah Seng, Janice, Mrs Tan, Alysia, Calvin and myself) were honored and proud for the special invitation and all of us had a great and an enjoyable time.

WINGS Melaka (Management and Staff) are doing such a wonderful and fantastic job for the children with special needs and their families. WELL DONE! Not forgetting to also give a pat on the shoulder to the mummies and daddies. A BIG HUG to all the special children and congratulations to all the graduates. We are proud of you, too!

Have fun with the puppet toys. I hope you all like it!

thank you!!

Hi Mr frankie,

I am April Tay and i am one of Mr Mano's student in MHS. I would really want to thank you for your sponsorship for our upcoming cheerleading competition this 12/12/2009.

As you know, we are shot of funds and since cheerleading is a very new sport for the school, this school is rather skeptical to fund us for our competition. They even want back the costume that they "paid" for from the last competition.

We Actually won for the last competition that was held three months back and now, we are competing in the national level. We were really worried because we do not have enough funds to pay for our costumes and we do not know who to turn to. We finally expressed our fear to our History teacher, Mr Mano, as he is the closest to us in class among all the teachers. But we never thought that he can actually get for us a sponsor.

All in all, we, The TOPAZ, MHS cheer group 2009, would like to express our appreciation by inviting you for our competition on the 12/12/2009, in DATARAN PAHLAWAN, and would like to wish you our BIG THANK YOU for sponsoring us. We promise to do our best and fight for the school's glory and continue to serve the school as how you and Mr Mano did.

april tay.

All de Best!

Hi April, Boys and Girls!

Good Luck and All the Best in the competition, from ALL of us in thetrishawman team.

THE TOPAZ .... Go! Go! Go!

Specially Thanks

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